Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Monday, January 19, 2015

Movie Monday - 1/19/2015

Into the Woods is a sort of mash-up of Cinderella, Jack and the Bean Stalk, Little Red Riding Hood and Rapunzel. The film is adapted from the like named musical by Stephen Sondheim. Meryl Streep, Emily Blunt, Anna Kendrick, Tracey Ullman, Chris Pine and Johnny Depp are the bigger names in the ensemble cast. The acting and the singing were great.  The film was quite entertaining.  I really liked it.

One down, ten left to watch before the Oscars.

MK out.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Start Something Sunday - 1/18/2015

Well, I actually started this neck thing last night at the hockey game:

I know I have a pair of socks, a scarf, a sweater, a baby blanket and a throw in varying stages of completion going already, but I needed a different sort of project.  OK, need is not the correct word. I wanted something not too involved and small. I wanted something other than what I was already working on. I wanted some new, shiny and different yarn. 

So, I shopped my stash and found this pretty yarn I had bought at Alisha Goes Around’s booth at the Yellow Rose Fiber Festival 2012 in Seguin, TX.  It's her Pulchritude of Peacocks DK base and it is squishy and round. I like it!

I am making A Little Bit Bohemian.

I got lots done last night. I think I'll work on it some more now.

MK out.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Movie Monday - 1/12/2015

I really miss Roger Ebert. He was my movie mentor. Through the years, he recommended many films for me to watch on his television show At the Movies with Gene Siskel, and later with Richard Roeper. When he got sick, he continued his movie reviews on his blog.  Life Itself is a documentary based on Elbert's autobiography of the same name. The thing that comes through this film for me is his humanity.  For that, I miss him too. It was very good.

The Lost Boys of Sudan is the name that was given to the tens of thousands of southern Sudanese children and teens that were displaced and/or orphaned during the Second  Sudanese Civil War. Reece Witherspoon stars in The Good Lie, in which she plays a job counselor trying to find jobs for some of these people who were relocated to the United States. The lead actors who played the relocated teens/young adults were somehow affected by that civil war before they fled their homes. It was a good movie.

MK out.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Start Something Sunday - 1/11/2015

Sooooo...I still have that baby blanket and the sweater going, but I was sad, cause I have not made any socks for several months.

Because, you know...I need socks.

I'm going to make Hippy Ripply Retro Socks. One of the Sock Knitters Anonymous challenges this month is to knit any non-vanilla pattern that is designed to take advantage of self-striping or long-gradient yarns. The challenge is to find (or design) a pattern that showcases the yarn and accentuates the yarn’s flow and patterning.

Excuse me while I go cast on...

MK out.

Friday, January 9, 2015

FO Friday - 1/9/2015


I turned this:

...into this:

I am so proud of myself being able to scratch off one 2014 leftover WIP from the list. Go me!











I do have a real, bonafied, finished object for your edification:

The pattern is Shades of Summer Dress by Elena Nodel.  I used Cascade Sierra yarn in three colors - a pink (16) , a green (431) and a yellow green (409).  The numbers in the parentheses are the company's color numbers.  I made the size 6-12 months, but I really think this dress would fit a two-year-old. No matter, I have just the girl for it.  

MK out.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Sock Report - January 2015

After a banner year of making a pair of socks a month in 2013...

...I made only 4 pair in 2014:

I think I'm okay though. I have a crate full of socks:

Lots of socks:

Top layer:

Bottom layer:

Despite all these socks, I will be making more...stay tuned.

MK out.